Hudy Alu Set-up Wheel for 1:10 Touring Cars (4)

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Description / Hudy Alu Set-up Wheel for 1:10 Touring Cars (4)

When checking tweak on a rubber-tired touring car, using standard rubber tires typically gives non-precise and non-repeatable measurements. Rubber tires are never perfectly rounded, so when checking tweak one tire can lift earlier than another but this does not always indicate a tweaked car. Tire roundness and insert weight is different from one tire to the next.

When checking tweak on a foam-tired touring car, the differences between tires are even greater than with rubber tires. Each foam tire has a different diameter after each run due to tire wear, making it impossible to check for tweak because the tires can give very misleading results. In this case the alu set-up wheels are the best tool for checking tweak.

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Marque Hudy
Matériel Alloy
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