306233 Xray T4'17 Graphite Floating Servo Holder 3.0Mm

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Matériel Graphite
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Description / 306233 Xray T4'17 Graphite Floating Servo Holder 3.0Mm

CNC-machined floating servo holder made from 3.0mm premium-grade graphite material.

The all-new, unique floating servo holder is now standard in the T4Õ17. The floating steering system is disconnected from the chassis and works fully independently without affecting flex. This makes the car easier to drive in high-traction conditions, and chassis roll is reduced especially when driving through the curbs. The car also handles better on bumpy tracks.

In combination with 302570 Steering Plate, you can adjust 4 different flex characteristics. Using the graphite steering plate, chassis flex is medium; when using the steering plate with aluminum stand, flex becomes stiffer for more aggressive handling and increased steering.

Thanks to the unique design of the servo holder, changing the flex of the steering system is quick & easy. There is no need for other parts, and there is no need to disassemble/reassemble the servo holder.

Plus d’information

Marque Xray
Matériel Graphite
Spécifications Xray T4F Spares
Suggested 1000000
Voiture Xray T4
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