MYLAPS AMB MyLAPS RC4 Pro Transponder

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Description / MYLAPS AMB MyLAPS RC4 Pro Transponder

The world’s smallest transponder now in a pitch-black design helping you race in style. This device is compatible with all MYLAPS RC4 timing systems (with all firmware versions).


Our RC transponders help you to track lap times and give better insights in your performance.
You install the transponder in your RC car. If you race with multiple RC cars it’s convenient to install a transponder in every car. A transponder has a seven-digit number.


- The RC4 Pro transponder is 25% smaller than the RC4
- A shorter 8cm cable ensures a perfect fit every time
- It weighs only 3 grams
- All your results in your personal profile.
- RC4 transponders can be used for both indoor and outdoor racing and will perform on just about any surface.
- Compatible with MYLAPS RC4 timing systems.


Dimensions (WxLxH): 15.7x18.0x4.5 mm 0.62 x 0.71 x 0.18 in
Weight: 3 g
Cable length: 80 mm / 3.1 in
Humidity: Max. 90% relative
Max. Speed: 120 km/h / 75 mph
Temperature range: 0-50 °C / 32-122 F
Signal transfer: Magnetic induction
Code resolution: 1.5 ms
Transponder position: Max. Height 15 cm / 6 in
Power: Feed from free receiver channel (ch3 or 4)
Connection Plug: Connect using a standard Servo plug
Power consumption: 19mA @ 6 VDC
Operating voltage: 2.8 <–-> 16 VDC (recommended: 3.5 <--> 12 VDC)
Wire insulation: Aerospace/MIL-spec high-temp PTFE (Gasoline/Nitro resistant)

How does it work?

The track you’re racing on has a MYLAPS system installed at the start and finish line and at intermediate points along the track. The system picks up the signal sent out by the transponder mounted on your car. This signal is analyzed and lap times are calculated. The system knows exactly on which lap you are and what your position is. This data is passed on to race officials.

Easy to set up and maintain

It is easy to get your transponder in and out of your car using the holder that comes with your RC4 package. The holder should be installed at a maximum height of 15 cm (6 inches) above the ground. The transponder needs to survive the heat of battle. RC4 transponders are shock and mud-proof and can safely be used for both indoor and outdoor racing. They can even be used for model boat racing. Because they connect to your car’s power output, you don’t have to worry about recharging them.

Your personal data

Your training and event results are uploaded by the track's system or race officials. Event results won't be available on MYLAPS, because of the use of third party software. However, you can check, analyze and share your practice data on your personal account online. Simply create a personal account and register your transponder.

Compatible with our Speedhive app

The Speedhive app gives you quick access to your practice results. Login to your own MYLAPS account and you can check your lap times and view detailed information through graphs.

  • Free of charge
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • See and analyze your race results on the spot

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