DiffCheck Plus with Bag

The most beautiful and versatile device for Diff measurement in the world!
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Description / DiffCheck Plus with Bag

The DiffCheck Plus with bag, is small, but powerful! With its reduced dimensions that make it pocketable, inside it is allocated components that allow the spin of every kind of oil hardness of every category. Design and technology without compromises. The aim of the Diff Check Plus development was to create a product with an appealing design and new technical solutions in order to satisfy the most demanding drivers and mechanics.

The First Diff measurement device that also works with an internal battery!
“Since the beginning, I understood immediately that this kind of device would have changed the way to work on the models. In these last months, I have asked myself how to improve a product so well made. All of a sudden everything got crystal clear. I wouldn’t have to improve it, but I had to make it in order to meet my needs. I travel a lot for racing around the world, and so I needed it smaller, versatile, and more beautiful. So the developments started to focus on the research of the components and materials that would allow a smaller dimension without compromising the performance. I often use the Diff Check on the track to read the data of how the diff works before and after the charge. In order to do that, I plug into a lipo battery. I wanted the new Diff Check to be completely autonomous. So I have started some tests to understand which battery should be used. Even if Lipo could have seemed the best solution, I wanted something that would have been allowed to carry on a plane. So I chose a common 9V alkaline. At this stage, I just needed to shape the product to combine design with ergonomics and after some prototypes here you are the new Diff Check Plus.”

– Francesco Martini

100% Autonomous with 9V Battery

DiffCheck Plus can be powered by the internal battery that allows its use without having to connect to any external power supply. However, it is equipped with an input that allows an external power supply. The battery chosen to power the DiffCheck Plus is a common 9V Alkaline in order to make it possible to transport when traveling by plane.

Design made in Italy

To guarantee the highest quality standard, Diff Check Plus is entirely developed in Italy. The case of the “Diffcheck Plus” is made from a solid piece of aluminum completely machined to accommodate the best components in the least possible space without neglecting ergonomics.


  • Input voltage: 7v to 24v
  • Current: 2A max usage
  • Display: 5 digit High precision display.
  • Net Weight: 275g
  • Weight with battery: 325g


The Diffcheck Plus is equipped with an adapter that allows the diff measurement not assembled on the model. Also available the adapters and inserts that allow measurement directly on the model for all scales.

  • #DFC-10P: 1/10 Adapter
  • #DFC-18P: 1/8 Buggy Adapter
  • #DFC-X10: Xray X10 Adapter*
  • #DFC-X12: Xray X12 Adapter*

* Adapters marked with an asterisk may be further described elsewhere or require additional context.

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