BC-1863 BRUNO Low Profile High Speed Brushless Servo


BC-1863 BRUNO Low Profile High Speed Brushless Servo

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Bruno Coelho needs no introductions. During these years, his multifaceted talent made him one of the few drivers able to compete for the world championship in different categories. Of course behind this success there is a lot of work, know-how and experience. From this experience the brand ''Bruno'' has born. BR1 is a brand ideal for the demanding drivers that are willing to use the same materials developed by Bruno itself. 

BR1 1863 EN

Low Profile Brushless High Speed Servo. 

Designed for Touring, F1 and Off Road but also used by Bruno for 1/10 Nitro for the throttle and the brake.

This servo, despite its small size, ensures speed and accuracy and an excellent long lasting usability thanks to its steel gears. 

Low Profile Brushless
Steel Gear
High Speed 
Edge technology super Big 12 Bit
Aluminium canter case 
Shorter Heavy duty wire (5cm)
Fast response 
Incredible torque 
Increased transit speed 
Increased efficiency 
Water resistant with 4 silicon seals implanted 
Strong and precise-made steel gears 

Suitable for 1/10 touring car and F1 
Ideal for: 1/10 touring car and F1 applications that require a high speed servo 

Sanwa SSR mode acceptable 
Output Shaft: 25T Spline (Futaba)

Scheda tecnica

Torque138.9 oz/in


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