378120 Xray Alu Side Shock Body - Hardcoated


378120 Xray Alu Side Shock Body - Hardcoated

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CNC-machined hardcoated alu shock body for side shock absorber of XRAY XII Link. Made from exclusive Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum to ensure maximum strength and rigidity. Manufactured on the world's most precise German long-turn CNC machine. Hardcoated for super-smooth, bind-free operation and durability. Every piece is robot-inspected and measured to ensure maximum precision and tolerance; this is especially important with the inner diameter of the shock body to ensure that each one has an identical inner diameter to guarantee ultra-free shock piston movement. The shock bodies are then black hardcoated using XRAY's own fully robotic colorcoating line with purpose-mixed color fluids, ensuring a very even layer of color coating is applied to each shock body. After the coating process, every shock body is manually checked with high-precision calipers to ensure that the inner diameter of each shock body is exactly within the very stringent tolerances.

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