373512-K Xray X1 Composite Adjustable Rear Wing - Black


373512-K Xray X1 Composite Adjustable Rear Wing - Black

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This highly-efficient rear wing is designed to work in conjunction with the X1 racing body. The rear of the body has flow channels which direct air directly onto the wing to help generate rear traction and stabilize the car in chicanes.

The wing is assembled via the rear wing mounting system which features a graphite mount and aluminum stands. Using shims between the wing and the alu stands, the position of the wing can be easily adjusted for various track conditions. The height of the wing can be adjusted by changing the mounting position on the graphite plate. This rear wing has adjustable downforce by setting the wing rib to one of 3 different positions.

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ModelloXray X1
ModelloXray X1 2021
SpecificheX1 2021 Optional
SpecificheXray X1 Spares
Where on X1Final Assembly
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