305878 Xray Offset Spur Gear 108T / 64


Offset Spur Gear 108T / 64

5,90€ Tasse incluse



XRAY precision molded offset spur gear 108 tooth, 64 pitch. Made from special hard composite material, strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass without compromising strength or durability. Allows you to further fine-tune your car's performance.

Scheda tecnica

ModelloXray T4 2021
ModelloXray T4
ModelloXray T4 2020
SpecificheXray T4 2020 Optionals
SpecificheXray T4 Optionals
SpecificheT4 2021 Optional
Numero di denti108
Diametral Pitch64
Pinions / Spur GearsCorone
Sconto# 4.05

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