303360 Xray Composite Upright 0。 Outboard Toe-In - Graphite


Composite Upright 0¡ Outboard Toe-In - Graphite

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Molded rear upright made from specially-formulated graphite composite material features built-in 0¡ outboard toe to improve traction and prevent suspension geometry changes in serious crashes. Improves stability and increases cornering speed. Roll center positions can be easily adjusted by adding shims between the upright and the turnbuckle ball joint.

Scheda tecnica

ModelloXray T4
ModelloXray T4 2021
ModelloXray T4F
ModelloXray T4 2020
SpecificheXray T4F Optionals
SpecificheXray T4 2020 Optionals
SpecificheXray T4 Optionals
SpecificheT4 2021 Optional
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