302761-O Xray T4 Front L / Rear R - Alu Lower Adjustment Bulkhead - Orange


T4 Alu Lower Adjustment Bulkhead - Front L / Rear R - Orange

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Redesigned lower bulkhead with new anti-roll bar mounting areas, fits front L, rear R. CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and have been designed to provide the lightest and strongest possible support framework for the car. Color anodized in a distinctive orange color. (Note: Color may vary slightly between products.) XRAYÕs legendary attention to detail is noticeable in all the precisely chamfered edges.

The T4 platform Ð with centralized weight placement Ð features the smallest and lightest bulkheads which are positioned more towards the chassis centerline to provide maximum traction, steering, and balance.

Scheda tecnica

ModelloXray T4
SpecificheXray T4 Spares
Where on T4Central Transmission
Sconto# 4.15

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