305221 Xray Ecs (Es) Drive Shaft 51Mm For 2Mm Pin - Hudy Spring Steelェ (1)


Ecs (Es) Drive Shaft 51Mm For 2Mm Pin - Hudy Spring Steel (1)

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51mm extra-strong ECS drive shaft for 2mm pin made from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel. This race-quality drive shaft is a spare part for 305334 ECS ES (Extra Strong) Drive Shaft 51mm - HUDY Spring Steel.

With the ECS drive shafts, wheel vibration and noise are decreased to a minimum, steering is increased, and cornering speed and smoothness are noticeably increased.

Scheda tecnica

ModelloXray T4 2021
ModelloXray T4
ModelloXray T4F
ModelloXray T4 2020
SpecificheXray T4F Spares
SpecificheXray T4 2020 Spares
SpecificheXray T4 Spares
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SpecificheT4 2021 Optional
Where on T4Front Rear Transmission
Sconto# 4.15


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