373036 Xray X1'19 Graphite Rear Wing Mount 2.5Mm


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Rear graphite mount plate features two extra higher wing mount positions to generate even more traction, redesigned to work with lower rear bulkheads. The mount also features two holes for mounting an optional fan. The rear graphite wing mount has multiple positions which allow higher or lower mounting of the rear wing to adapt to traction, conditions, and racing surfaces. When traction is very low – mainly on asphalt surfaces – the upper holes allow a higher wing mounting position to generate more stability and traction off-power. When traction is very high – mainly on carpet surfaces – the lower holes allow a lower wing mounting position to decrease traction rolling and make the car easier to drive. Machined from premium 2.5mm graphite material.

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ModelloXray X1
Where on X1Rear Suspension

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