303168 Xray Rear Suspension Arm - Hard - 1-Hole


Rear Suspension Arm - Hard - 1-Hole

6,90€ Tasse incluse



Molded composite rear lower suspension arm made from hard material.

After extensive testing of many different composite mixtures, the factory team identified this new blend as the optimum choice for mass production. The new hard suspension arm is specifically designed to be used in extremely hot conditions to reduce flex and deformation; however due to reduced flex, the arms are less resistant to extreme impacts.

Redesigned to allow mounting of optional 302190 graphite plate, the new arms include 4 reinforced holes.

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ModelloXray T4F
ModelloXray T4 2020
ModelloXray T4
SpecificheXray T4 2020 Optionals
SpecificheXray T4 Optionals
SpecificheXray T4F Spares
Sconto# 4.05

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