BC-T4WCV2-ALLOY BRUNORC Alloy Plate for Servo Xray T4 ONLY V2


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BRUNORC Alloy Plate for Servo Xray T4

The servo includes a unique interchangeable aluminium plate, which is mounted directly through the chassis to the servo with either 2 or 3 screws (FH M3x10). The servo also includes 1 special titanium BR1 screw, which allows for mounting with 2 standard type screws from the bottom, and utilizing the single BR1 screw to have the plate mounted with 3 screws still, 2 through the chassis, and one just through the mount, allowing for a different flex characteristic.

Possible Flex Options


Standard setting

Standard mounting position with 2 screws in chassis, and 1 BR1 Ti screw between the mount and the servo (medium setting) - Less direct feel, but more chassis flex which will generate more grip, particularly useful on asphalt and low to medium grip carpet.

Medium-stiff setting

Standard mounting position with 3 screws (medium-stiff setting) - The car will have a direct and neutral feel, suited for most conditions.

Scheda tecnica

ModelloXray T4 2021
ModelloXray T4 2020
SpecificheT4 2021 Optional
SpecificheT4 2021 Parts

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