BC-T4WCV2-BRIDGE BRUNORC Bridge Optional for Servo Xray T4 ONLY V2


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BRUNORC Bridge Optional

The optional bridge which allows for a forward servo mounting position includes 3 special titanium BR1 screws, for a super secure and sleek mounting of the bridge extension to the servo.The optional bridge also features the option to be mounted with the 2 screws in the forward position on the chassis, but additionally, with standard screws through the chassis into the servo, when adding 1mm of shims between the bridge and the chassis. This gives you the possibility to use several different screw combinations, in a range of flex options, which makes fine tuning of the car's handling very quick and easy.

Possible Flex Options

Standard Setting

Forward mounting position with no additional screws through servo bridge (soft setting) - Most mechanical grip, due to added chassis flex because of the flex point being moved forward.

Medium Setting

Forward mounting position with 1 screw + 1mm shim through chassis and servo bridge - (medium setting) - Reduces mechanical grip, but increases steering response slightly, since the chassis flex is reduced. A good compromise between a forward mounting position,and a standard mounting position.

Medium-stiff setting

Forward mounting position with 2 screws + 1mm shims through chassis and servo bridge - (medium-stiff setting) - Adding more screws between the chassis and servo further increases steering response, but removes mechanical grip.

Stiff setting

Forward mounting position with 3 screws + 1mm shims through chassis and servo bridge - (stiff setting) - Having the servo mounted in the forward position, and reinforcing the integrated mount with 3 additional screws through the chassis, is the stiffest available setting. This makes the car super responsive, but less forgiving to drive. Best recommended for medium to high grip situations.

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