2720 TQ Wire 2S charge cable with strain relief


Tq Wire è da sempre un nome e una garanzia.
Questo cavo è studiato per essere utilizzato con caricabatterie come Icharge.
I connettori sono rivestiti da inserti in plastica che ne aumentano la robustezza.

29,00€ Tasse incluse

Questo prodotto non è più disponibile



Introducing our latest 2S complete charge cable with molded strain relief.

This new cable has the same features found in our standard 2S cable like 12 gauge wires wrapped in black nylon mesh; our #2511 stepped bullets so you can charge both 4mm and 5mm batteries and XH connector on the charger side. Buthis premium cable also has molded strain reliefs for the battery side bullets and balance port. The strain relief provides a more durable connection for the balance wires and incorporates rippersto aide in removal of the bullets from your battery.

Compatible with our #2214 plug-n-play switch (see below) for 1S and2S charging for the popular iCharger

Please note that the #2720 cable is not yet compatible with the #2650 charge dongle. We have a solution in the works.

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