Sunpadow Slim Pack 5200mAh Platin

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Sunpadow 5200 mah, the new revolutionary battery

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Sunpadow 5200 mah, the new revolutionary battery

Sunpadow announces the release of the revolutionary ultra-narrow battery of their Platin Series, called "Slim Pack 5200mAh". It breaks away from the shape of a traditional stick pack, and narrows the width to 36mm only, which is a drop of 24% compared to the standard 47mm. It weighs in at 246 grams. These changes reflect the development trend that customized LiPo batteries will serve for the RC car market in the future.

After repeated benchmark tests of many international top drivers, the “Slim Pack 5200mAh” battery will help to perfect the weight balance, to improve the handling of the new mid-motor style of chassis, which will be especially evident during high speed cornering. We believe that this innovation of the Sunpadow team will bring a new sensation to RC car drivers of all levels!

Scheda tecnica

Width (mm)139
Depth (mm)36
Height (mm)25.1
C rate130/65C
Battery connector4mm gold
Cell Count2S


Da il 08 gen. 2020 (Sunpadow Slim Pack 5200mAh Platin) :

very impressed

From the first test with the new silverline series of Sunpadow I was very impressed about the performance. You can clearly feel less drop in a 5 minute run wich is super important for all Stock classes

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Da il 07 gen. 2020 (Sunpadow Slim Pack 5200mAh Platin) :

5200 Platin battery pack

The 5200 Platin battery pack is a great innovation from Sunpadow! I was asked to test the prototype of this battery during the summer season last year, and I was immediately impressed by the performance. The power output and punch is almost identical to the 5300 LCG pack, but the 5200 pack has the benefit of being narrower, to have the weight more centralized in the car. As a result of the current TC cars constantly being developed to be lighter, and with a lower CG, the battery pack has also become extremely important for this reason. With this new pack, we can have sustained runtime for big outdoor tracks while maintaining the same handling benefits to that of a shorty battery. It’s a must for the serious racer

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Da il 07 gen. 2020 (Sunpadow Slim Pack 5200mAh Platin) :

Sunpadow 5200

The new Sunpadow 5200 gave me more reaction on the car mainly on the left and right transitions without losing the stability. With this battery it is now possible to move the weight all the way to the center for a better balance on the car

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