ADC Awesomatix Advanced Damper Cups Set


ADC  Advanced Damper Cups Set

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ADC  Advanced Damper Cups Set

ADC - Advanced Damper Cups Set

The ADC Set is designed to simplify the maintenance of D2.2 Dampers and reduce the amount of rebuild routines.
It offers the possibility to A) remove air and B) add oil into the damper without the need of full disassembling.
Suitable to be used with all D2.2 Dampers


4 pcs of AT40-ADC
8 pcs of ST121
1 pcs of AT158 
4 pcs of OR155V
4pcs of OR18V
4 pcs of B85

Scheda tecnica

ModelloAwesomatix A800X EVO
ModelloAwesomatix A800MMX
SpecificheA800X EVO Options
SpecificheA800MMX Optional

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