107880 Hudy Chassis Balancing Tool (2)


107880 Hudy Chassis Balancing Tool (2)

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- checking & optimizing chassis balance
- fits on-road & off-road cars
- small & lightweight
- easy to use
- CNC-machined
- made of high-quality lightweight duraluminum

Having perfect side-to-side balance is extremely important for the handling and performance of any '/C car. The HUDY Chassis Balancing Tool is the perfect simple tool for quick & easy chassis balancing. Many modern R/C race cars feature predrilled holes on the bottom of the chassis, at the front and rear along the chassis center line. If your car does not, it is easy to drill 2 holes in the chassis.

The balancing tool may even be used for off-road cars; to compensate for the increased suspension downtravel you can raise the height of the Balancing Tools by putting them atop HUDY Chassis Droop Gauge Support Blocks 123456. Then use additional weights to perfectly balance your car.

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