107714 Hudy Ultra-Fine Chassis Droop Gauge 4.0-6.6mm


107714 Hudy Ultra-Fine Chassis Droop Gauge 4.0-6.6mm

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- chassis droop gauge for 1/10 nitro and electric touring cars
- allows ultra-fine and very precise adjustment of front/rear droop
- droop range (4.0-6.6mm) within most frequently used settings
- super-precise increments of 0.2mm (standard droop gauges typically use 1.0mm increments)
- CNC-machined, high-quality lightweight duraluminum
- elox-coating for smooth, long-lasting finish
- lightened sides for more comfortable grip
- fine engraved HUDY logo and scale
- scale engraved on both sides for easy viewing and use
- most precise droop gauge tool on the market
- a ''must have'' for professional racers
- must be used with 107702 Chassis Support Blocks for 1/10

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