MonacoRC Radio Carrying Bag

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Description / MonacoRC Radio Carrying Bag

New MonacoRC Radio & Soldering Station Carrying Bag

The new MonacoRc Radio Carrying Bag has been designed to carry last generation radios, in particular M17, MT44 and MT-5 models.

This case is developed around these two radio sizes in order to reduce any extra space and allow you to place your radio without any dividers.

Thanks to its small size, MonacoRc Radio Carrying Bag can easily find space inside any RC bags.

This new “Big” fully respects MonacoRC style with a sober exterior but full of personality thanks to the red zipper embellished by the zip puller pendant with the MonacoRC logo.
Its interior is printed all over with the MonacoRC logo on a red background and on the upper part there is a practical mesh pocket where you can store the Wireless charger or any other accessories.

The case you were waiting for is finally available but in limited quantities.

Plus d’information

Manufacturer MonacoRC
Measure Internal 18.5x19.5 - h 14.0 (12.0+2.0) cm External 21.0x19.0x15.0 cm
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