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Description / 7075.it Air Killer Buggy

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Compact, beautiful and powerful, this tool will remove the air from shock absorbers and diffs quickly and easily.

The small size of the device will make it easier to bring it on the racing tracks.

All the components have been specifically studied to combine design to functionality at the same time.

The "Air Killer" performances make possible to change the oil from the shocks during the race stages.

This product is addressed to all the RC addicted that are always looking for the best.



It is more difficult to explain rather than use it!

After having refilled the shocks or the diffs following the standard procedures, they need to be placed in the holes of the apposite stand that it needs be located in the middle of the "Air Killer”.

After having checked that the upper valve above plexiglass cylinder is correctly screwed, the cylinder needs to be placed in its dedicated circle groove.

At this stage, while pushing the start button, it just needs to apply a slight pressure on the cylinder in order to ensure a better grip to the gasket.

Air Killer will start its vacuum job and will stop automatically.

The time to wait it depends only to the viscosity of the oils:

Liquid oils will take less time, oils with high viscosity instead will need to remain inside the Air Killer for more minutes.

For ending the vacuum effect, the upper valve, located above the cylinder, has to be unscrewed. It is advisable to unscrew it gentle, in order to avoid a pressure wave that could cause an oil leakage from the shocks or from the diffs.


LiveRC.com video presentation



It is recommended to keep the shocks pistons as high as possibile. Because the air, during the vacuum, goes upwards and therefore if it forms air bubbles under the piston plate, they will be easier to remove.

In case of PSS shocks absorbers, where the piston plate is without holes, it is suggested to repeat the procedure a couple of times to make sure that all the air below the plate could come out.

Regarding the diffs, it is possible to use the stand or place it directly on the device.

The vacuum achieved with Air Killer could last for several hours and this is great for diffs with high viscosity oils but, if you wish to extend the treatment it is recommended to press again the start button that will bring back the maximum values of the vacuum effect.

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