305976 Xray Narrow Alu Pinion Gear - Hard Coated 26T / 64


Narrow Alu Pinion Gear - Hard Coated 26T / 64

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Narrow high-performance pinion gear manufactured from special lightweight aircraft duraluminum is 1.5mm thinner and 25% lighter than the regular-size pinion gear.

These narrow pinions are manufactured by XRAY on a specially-modified precision gear machine which has ultra-precise tolerances and assures unparalleled concentricity. After machining, the narrow pinions have all their edges chamfered and then are run-in. The pinions are then specially treated to give them an even hardcoat so they stay absolute true for a long time. The pinions run great with any spur gears, and work perfectly with XRAY spur gears where even throttle on/off noise disappears. You can be confident in using the new narrow pinion right from the package, knowing that you are using a pinion of leading-edge design and production.

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Teeth number26
Diametral Pitch64
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