303359 Xray Alu Upright 2。 Outboard Toe-In (L+R)


Alu Upright 2¡ Outboard Toe-In (L+R)

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CNC-machined rear upright made from premium lightweight T6 aluminum. Ultra-strong rear upright provides very long life and durability in even the most extreme racing conditions, features an integrated 2¡ outboard toe-in. Use of outboard toe-in will increase the corner speed. Complete set of left and right blocks.

Composite bushings are used to secure the ball-bearings in both sides of this rear upright; this allows the ball-bearings to fit perfectly and turn freely, giving much higher lifetime compared to bearings installed directly into aluminum uprights. Includes composite bushings and ball-bearings.

NOTE: This alu uprights use the 940509 High-Speed Ball-Bearing 5x9x3 Rubber Sealed (2)

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