302338 Xray Alu C-Hub Front Block, Left - 4。 Deg - Orange


Alu C-Hub Front Block, Left - 4¡ Deg - Orange

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CNC-machined highest-quality duaraluminum C-hub for left steering block of T2, T3, T4. Caster pre-set at 4¡. Engraved with "L4" to easy identification. Includes two nylon bushings. Use with right-side alu 4¡ C-hub 302337.

The C-hubs are available in all standard caster angles (0¡, 2¡, 4¡ and 6¡) and are also available in 4 different hardnesses (Medium, Hard, Graphite and Alu) that are optimized for particular racing conditions.

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