MonacoRC Low Friction Transmission Booster Pack


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Give your car an extra boost with the MonacoRC Transmission Booster Pack!

Give your car an extra boost with Belt Booster! Belt Booster is an additive designed to obtain maximum transmission smoothness.

Belt Booster is an additive designed to obtain maximum transmission smoothness.
Applied directly on the belts and pulleys, it increases their smoothness/fluidity without compromising their resistance.
We decided to call it “Belt Booster” because the transmission treated with this additive is so flowing that it has more force in the restarts.
As well the general fluidity improves making the application useful also for the Modified class.
It protects and reduces the friction between rubber and plastic parts. It withstands temperatures from -35 C to 200 C.

Kit Contain:

  • 2 x MonacoRC White Low Friction
  • 1 x MonacoRC Belt Booster

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VoitureAwesomatix A800X EVO
VoitureXray T4 2020
VoitureXray RX8
VoitureAwesomatix A800FX
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