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The Diff Check has been developed in order to satisfy drivers needs providing them a device that is able to give a value to the diff hardness during race and test stage.

Diff Check provides data to the drivers that allows them to evaluate or replicate a certain hardness. It won’t be risky anymore to refresh the diff oil to avoid the fear of replicate the same hardness. From now, drivers will have a record that will allow them to have consistency or choose a softer or harder diff. Diff Check is useful for all categories and scales that use oil diffs.

It can be used with the assembled car!

Thanks to two handful accessories the Diff Chec is able to be used with the assembled car. The Diff Check it could be used on every models that have a diff!

1/10 - The first solution is more versatile and it is for all the categories that fix the wheel with a 7mm nuts. Such as Touring 1/10 electric and nitro, electric off-road 1/10 2WD and 4WD and Formula 1/10. This solution is perfect for Awesomatix model where the diff doesn’t allow the direct link to the Diff Check. 

1/8 - The other solution is for all the model with a 17mm nuts that fix the wheel. Such as the electric and nitro 1/8 Buggy.

Regarding the practical side, the Diff Check is ready to be used with a pack of 7.4V batteries that allows max versatility.

How it works:

Place the diff on the Diff Check and press the power button. Diff check will provide a value for each diff tested on the device. The reading of this value will help to evaluate if the diff has been assembled correctly or the difference between the various oils viscosity. The diff/oil temperature may alter the Diff Check value.


Each Diff Check has its internal resistance, therefore is advisable to always use the same device when the data are compared. Each diff could have its own resistance due to the silicon o-ring or its tightness. Therefore the oil viscosity may not be the only factor if the data are variables. The Diff Check allows to fully understand diff hardness before assembling it to the car.


Input voltage: 7v to 18v

Current: 2A max usage

Display: 5 digit High precision display.

Net Weight: : 325g

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