018-011 Mon-Tech Racer Pre-Cut Carpet for Xray


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Racer 100% Precut Body and Wings for Carpet (70mm) ETS weight standard. ETS Carpet winner position

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Racer Precut Asphalt and Carpet for Xray T4 now available!

From today the rich Mon-tech catalogue adds the Precut version of the world champion body shell Racer.
Available in two options: Asphalt (Art.018-010) and Carpet Art.018-011). The difference is in the holes that allows the Asphalt version an upfront position (66mm from glass border) and the Carpet (70mm from the glass border). These are the two positions used by Bruno Coelho and Alexander Hagberg for these surfaces.

The new Precut Racer is optimised to follow the new ETS rules regardingthe weight.

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