OfficinaRC 27gr Shorty Battery Plate


The OfficinaRC 27gr (OFC-006) 93mmx34.5mm

19,90€ TTC


En savoir plus

A new line of 3 Battery plates is added to the already existing OfficinaRC 32g (OFC-004).

These battery plates are designed to give all the possible balancing possibilities for your models.

Usable for all categories On road and Off road thanks to the diversity of weight they allow an optimal balance for all needs.

The OfficinaRC 27gr (OFC-006) 93mmx34.5mm is dedicated to those who want to use shorty batteries on touring.

Its measures allow you to balance the model using only the supporting surface of the chassis.

Fiche technique

Width (mm)34.5
Length (mm)93


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