371015 Xray X1'18 Graphite Chassis 2.5Mm


371015 Xray X1'18 Graphite Chassis 2.5Mm

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Chassis design, layout, and flex have significant influence on the handling of the X1. The final chassis design offers optimal stiffness for excellent handling, while still being flexible enough to generate maximum traction.

The super-narrow chassis front allows for maximum traction while having excellent steering and cornering speed. The chassis has ideal torsional stability to help eliminate the Òscrub effectÓ in high-speed corners.

Optional aluminum chassis Ð available in either full stiff or flex version Ð allow you to tailor your X1 particular track conditions. A 2mm graphite chassis for low grip asphalt tracks is optionally available.

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CarXray X1
SpecsXray X1 Spares
Where on X1Front Suspension
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