301351-O Xray Alu Adjustable Body Post Stop (2)


Alu Adjustable Body Post Stop (2)

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Very handy, easily externally adjustable body post from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. Allows for adjustment of body height by 3mm without needing to change the position on the body post. Fits T2, T3, T4 cars (front & rear) and NT1 cars (front only).

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CarXray T4 2020
CarXray T4 2021
CarXray T4
CarXray X1
CarXray T4F
CarXray NT1
SpecsT4 2021 Optionals
SpecsXray T4F Optionals
SpecsXray T4 2020 Optionals
SpecsXray NT1 Optionals
SpecsXray T4 Optionals
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