940510 Xray High-Speed Ball-Bearing 5X10X4 Rubber Sealed (2)




High-Speed Ball-Bearing 5X10X4 Rubber Sealed (2)

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Set of 2 pieces.

Top-quality professional ball-bearings for a super-free, super-smooth drivetrain. These highest quality ball-bearings are fitted with special rubber covers, and are degreased and lightly oiled with AeroShell Fluid 12 oil for maximum smoothness, long life, highest tolerance and maximum performance.

These ball-bearings have more (and larger) balls inside the cage than the regular ball-bearings, making them much more resilient under loads. The side covers are easy to remove for quick and comfortable servicing.

These ultra-high precision ball bearings are designed to withstand all extremes at the track under racing conditions or even just fun racing. A must have item!

Data sheet

Where on T4Central Transmission
Where on T4Front Rear Transmission
Where on X1Final Assembly
CarXray X1
CarXray T4
CarXray T4F

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