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All the Xray X12 2019!

Both versions, EU and US, are designed and optimised for every traction situation.

The new X12 2019 EU edition has been developed for tracks with medium-low traction.

The X12 2019 US edition has been thought for high traction conditions.

Both chassis, either in carbon from 2,5mm and the one in alu are compatible with the new battery stop system that lock the batteries and allow to move them in other 4 positions thanks to a handy and safe oring.

New carbon bumper.

Xray X12 2019

It’s the development of the prestigious previous version with the adds of the parts that the team has improved in the last races!

Ready to come out from the box and win!

US Edition

The X12 US edition debuted in 2017 and since then it has continued the development to better adapt at the high traction conditions that are likely to be found in the US.

European Champion

Xray X12 EU is one the most competitive and winning of all times.

Alexander Hagberg won 5th consecutive European championship!

The new X12 2019 brings all the components that allowed this success!

Top range materials!

To the quality of Xray manufacturing has been combined the quality of the materials that make this model unique in its genre.

Both X12 versions, EU and US allow to be competitive in every grip conditions.

Both chassis have been developed to give traction where it needs and make the car easy and fluent in other conditions.

The new optional system rear wheelbase allow to stretch or reduce the car length 1mm forward or back in a handy and quick method than the std thanks to its eccentric clamps.

The new gear diff (374900) has been developed and thought for this model too.

New features

• All-new EU and US Edition both designed & optimized for particular traction conditions
• All-new EU Edition is optimized for low-, medium-, and high-traction conditions
• All-new US Edition is optimized for high- and very-high traction conditions
• All-new 2.5mm graphite chassis for EU Edition with battery backstop grooves
• All-new 2.0mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum chassis with battery backstop grooves
• All-new rear wheelbase adjustment
• All-new upper clamps with composite bushing for better durability
• All-new bulkheads work with new upper clamps
• All-new graphite rear brace with integrated backstop and O-ring battery mount system
• All-new O-ring for securing the battery
• All-new adjustable graphite battery backstop with 4 positions
• All-new longer front graphite bumper holder

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