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Forza Tester is the smallest Diff reader in the world

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New device developed for measuring the diffs hardness for RC models 1/10 and Mini Z.

Forza Tester is the smallest Diff reader in the world and it is powered by Micro USB. Forza Tester allows the diff measurement either from the assembled car and stand alone. Forza Tester could be equipped with 1/10 adapter or Mini Z adapter.

Usage is very simple: connect the Forza Tester to a USB port. Connect the Diff to its allocation on Forza Tester and press the button. Test stage should be long around 3-5 seconds. Repeat the operations with other diffs in order to have values to compare.

Important Tip: Temperatures variations can change the reading values. It is suggested to make the tests with similar temperatures.

Size 86x38x29mm

OfficinaRC Forza Tester with Mini-Z Adapter
OfficinaRC Forza Tester with 1/10 Adapter

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