Hudy Super Differential Grease

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Beschreibung / Hudy Super Differential Grease

HUDY Super Diff Grease is a high-performance, model racing car general-purpose silicone-based grease. With a thicker viscosity than standard diff grease, the Super Diff Grease stays on the diff plates longer, prolonging diff lifespan.

HUDY Super Diff Grease is especially well-suited for use in ball differentials and axial (thrust) bearings and is recommended for any heavy-duty application where high pressures or loads are present. The silicone grease operates within a large temperature range and works under extreme conditions over 100C.

HUDY Super Diff Grease comes in a handy small bin and is easy to apply.

- Excellent resistance to thermal, oxidative and structural degradation
- Extended grease life and improved bearing protection
- Excellent resistance to water wash-out and spray-off
- Assures proper lubrication and protection in wet environments
- Excellent rust and corrosion resistance
- Very good anti-wear properties

HUDY Super Diff Grease is recommended for multipurpose use in normal to heavy-duty applications, including axial bearing (thrust) bearings and diff shims. The superior water tolerance and rust/corrosion protection make HUDY Super Diff Grease particularly well suited to wet racing.

To apply, open the handy small bin, and then using a pin or tool tip, rub the grease on the diff plates where the diff balls run.

Proper care and precautions must be used in the storage and use of HUDY Super Diff Grease. Do not get near eyes or ingest, and keep out of reach of children.

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Marke Hudy
Verwendet für Differential Grease
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