Hudy 1:10 TC Tires A1-36 - Asphalt (4)

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Beschreibung / Hudy 1:10 TC Tires A1-36 - Asphalt (4)

• 1/10 touring car tires
• A1-36 compound for asphalt tracks
• Improved traction & durability
• Unique tough rubber compound
• Improved lifetime
• Factory pre-glued
• Optimized new insert hardness
• Optimized new insert thickness
• Reinforced and stronger wheels
• Set of 4

The A1-36 is a tire specifically designed for asphalt tracks, and it has a unique tough rubber compound formulated for high-competition asphalt racing. New improved compound improves traction but at the same time makes the car more stable and easier to drive. The lifetime and reliability of the rubber is significantly improved as well. 

Set of 4 tires includes new inserts with improved quality and optimized hardness and thickness. Tires are precision pre-glued on HUDY touring car wheels moulded from our own composite mixture to ensure true fit, vibration-free running as well as proper hardness matched to the tire compound. The new wheel material improves durability.

An overall no-compromise, high-competition racing tire with maximum traction and unmatched stability. 

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