301150 Xray T4'19 ALU FLEX CHASSIS 2.0MM - SWISS 7075 T6

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Material Alloy
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Beschreibung / 301150 Xray T4'19 ALU FLEX CHASSIS 2.0MM - SWISS 7075 T6


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Aluminum T4’19 chassis with special cutout openings for increased flex.

Redesigned to accommodate the T4’19 front chassis brace. The front brace – which can be easily installed on the chassis with two screws – eliminates side flex at the front of the chassis, improving steering response and making the car more predictable.

This chassis is recommended for and works extremely well on medium-to-high traction tracks. (Not recommended for very-high traction conditions where the #301149 - Alu Chassis works better.)

This alu flex chassis generates more traction and makes the car faster and easier to drive. Successfully raced by the factory team, this is a “must have” for every serious racer.

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Try it with 7075-LCG-XBW 35 gr. LCG Battery Weight

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7075-LCG-XBW 35 gr. LCG Battery Weight

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Marke Xray
Material Alloy
Spezifikationen Xray T4 Optionals
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