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How it’s made by Xtreme CEO

Cristian Boni

Xtreme has been a leader in the Nitro world for many years and in a very short time has carved out a space as a protagonist in the EP world as well. How was all of this possible?

Indeed, Xtreme has managed to carve out a space as a protagonist in the EP world in a relatively short time, but this did not happen by chance. As you mentioned, when Xtreme entered the EP world, it already had a long experience as a leader in the Nitro world, where it had developed a very effective working method.

Xtreme applied the working method developed in the Nitro world to enter the EP world, but chose the right skills and collaborations to adapt it to the needs of the new market. Thanks to this, it created high-quality products and offered innovative solutions that allowed its customers to achieve extraordinary results on the track.

It is no secret that you rely heavily on aerodynamic simulations on computers. Others also do this. Why do you think you do it better?

It is true that aerodynamic simulations on computers are also used by others in the industry, however, reading and interpreting aerodynamic data is a very complex task that requires a great deal of skill and knowledge of the racing and aerodynamics world. At Xtreme, we have been fortunate to find highly qualified professionals who not only have extensive experience in the real racing world, but who also have a strong connection to the RC world, which allows them to shape the lines accurately and adapted to the needs of our sector. Thanks to this combination of skills and knowledge, we are able to offer highly performing and innovative products that meet the needs of our customers.

When do you understand that a project has potential?

To understand if a project has potential, the drivers on the track and the stopwatch are always the test to pass. It is only when our products are tested on the track and we receive positive feedback from our drivers that we are certain that we have done a good job. The feedback from our drivers is extremely important to us because it allows us to understand if we have achieved the set objectives and if the product works as expected. In this way, we can continue to improve and develop ever more performing and innovative products for our customers.

Being able to count on drivers like Bruno Coelho gives you great advantages in terms of testing.

Absolutely, being able to count on drivers of the caliber of Bruno Coelho gives us a great advantage in terms of testing. Not all fast drivers are able to provide useful feedback, but Bruno is a complete driver and has an impressive sensitivity that allows him to quickly understand if a body brought to the limit can exceed the performance of others.

That being said, when we develop a new body, we must consider all types of drivers, not just professionals. Improving the driving experience of enthusiasts is just as important, if not more so, than track performance. We therefore try to develop bodies that can be used by a wider audience, offering an improved and more accessible driving experience.

Let's talk about the present future. In these hours, the Red Hawk has been presented. Speaking with those who have tested it, it seems to be very performing for stock categories and it seems to be the alternative to the very popular Wolverine, which is widely used in the stock category.

The Red Hawk is the result of months of development focused on the stock category, with the collaboration of industry specialists in our development team. Track tests have shown that the Red Hawk is very performant, but we prefer not to make comparisons with other manufacturers and we constantly work to be our customers' first choice.

Last question, the most uncomfortable one. Why call the new body shell Red Hawk?

Certainly, I understand the curiosity. The choice of the name Red Hawk for the new body shell was made precisely because the bird of prey represents speed and the ability to hunt prey both in water and on land. These are characteristics that we believe represent the performance of the body shell on the track.

Are you telling me that you didn't know that the Red Hawk loves Wolverine?

Actually, I wasn't familiar with the Red Hawk's eating habits. I was told after it had already been sent for homologation. But ultimately, it was designed for this purpose.

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